Ahimsa Print

Overview: AHIMSA House is the only organization in Georgia that provides temporary shelter to the pets of people escaping domestic violence. While few know the full meaning of word “ahimsa,” many know AHIMSA House is a caring, professional, and effective organization that deserves broad public support. Ahimsa in the Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain tradition means “the principle of nonviolence toward all living things.” AHIMSA House is respected among  women and family organizations that combat domestic violence as well as vets and animal rescue organization that protect animal welfare.

Purpose: Campaign to define AHIMSA House in the public imagination, raise awareness of perils of domestic violence and need for temporary shelter of pets of its victims, and generate wide financial support to expand its capacity.

Deliverables Phase I:  Update of the AHIMSA House brand identity including mark that suggests protection, people and pets. New brand system includes graphic standards on fonts, colors, and images. A short film introduces AHIMSA to broader audiences and will generate funds to expand its volunteer and fundraising capacity.

Deliverables Phase II: Integrated communications campaign will include new website, new print materials, archive of original photography and film to promote AHIMSA’s mission and effectiveness. Broader awareness will lead to more volunteers and funding.

Results: TBA

Client: AHIMSA House
Client Team: Carrie Montanga, Myra Rasnick, Shannon Oxford
Creative Direction & Design: Shari Margolin
Photography: Josh Meister
Filmwork & Editing: Neil Fried
Post-Production: Doug Grimmet, Primal Screen
Content: Team
Project Management: Toni Appling
Music: Rail Road Earth
Sound: Primal Screen
Phase I Budget: $2,500
In Kind Value: $15,000