November 19, 2018 Goodthought

GTA production of Georgia Bar Association Charrette

Meeting at Primal Screen

Good Thinking, Inc. (501c3) began with a pilot project in 2011. We incorporated in September of that year and received Federal 501c3 status in May 2012. Later that year, we developed and launched a rebranding program for Atlanta’s City of Refuge. At that time, our model was all volunteer, but we were in debt.

With our launch of a rebranded Southern Center for Human Rights (SCHR) in 2013, we began asking nonprofits we served to make contributions to our organization. Good Thinking had successfully delivered upon product and promises to SCHR, and a gift from their Board paid off our debt. In Spring 2014, we were asked to help Ronald McDonald House Charities complete it public campaign to raise $18M to build a second house in North Atlanta.