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Overview: Led Pro Bono Director Michael Monahan and Federal Magistrate Judge Catherine Salinas, State Bar of Georgia had a mission: create a public campaign aimed at Bar Attorneys designed to drive up pro bono participation and fulfillment of State Bar Rule 6.1:  “A lawyer should aspire to render at least (50) hours of pro bono publico legal services per year.” Good Thinking hosted an all-day Saturday  brainstorming charrette to examine the motivations behind and the inhibitions to pro bono legal service. There were far more motivations than inhibitions among the many attorneys we met with. The result was the Access to Justice Campaign entitled “Due Justice. Do Fifty.”

Purpose: Increase pro bono participation among State Bar of Georgia’s 44,000+ attorneys and awareness of State Bar Rule 6.1.

Deliverables: You name it. This integrated campaign included campaign identity, 3 minute film, original music, original content, website, image archive, 11 print ads, 30+ social media post cards, GIFs, web banners, logo animation, graphic standards guidelines, and application to more than 20 printed premiums and other communication tools. All day film and photo session brought 11 State Bar attorneys for portraits and film work that was used in campaign advertising and film.

Results: 33% increase in pro bono service applications and widespread praise of State Bar Association members across the SE.

Client: State Bar of Georgia
Client Team: Michael Monahan, Judge Catherine Salinas, Christina Iturralde, Katie King, Jessica Woods, Nicki Vaughn, Laura Rashidi-yazd
Creative Direction: Kathi Roberts
Design: Lauren Woods, Sarah Lawrence, Emma Weldon, Ingrid Sibley
Website: Rail Road Earth

Photography: Artem Nazarov

Film & Editing: Neil Fried
Copy Writing: Moira Bucciarelli, Mary-Elizabth Harmon, Matt Porter
Sound and Post-Production: Primal Screen
Project Management: Angela Aquino
Music:  Rail Road Earth
Project Budget: $15,000
In-Kind Value: $150,000
Volunteer Time: 1,350 Hours