ARMHC Outdoor


Overview: Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities (ARMHC) is responsible for the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House, one of oldest in the country. That “house” had reached its capacity. In 2013, ARMHC embarked on a public fundraising campaign to raise $18M to construct a second 31-room house in North Atlanta.

Purpose: With $12M raised from private individuals and foundations by Spring 2014,  ARMHC needed to raise $8M from the general public. Good Thinking was tasked with job of providing them the creative assets to accomplish this goal.

Deliverables:  Integrated fundraising campaign included campaign microsite, outdoor advertising, print, mobile, and social media elements. Good Thinking used preexisting brand standards, images, and campaign graphics and themes and applied them to new media channels.

Results: The public campaign achieved its goal before groundbreaking at the end of 2014.  One donation of $1M came anonymously from an individual who heard a campaign radio spot. The second ARMHC 30-room facility opened in December 2015, on time and on budget.

Client: Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities
Client Team: Beth Howell, Carrie Bowden, Kristi McBryar, Marissa Greider
Creative Direction: Terry Combahee
Design: Vicki Strull, Kathi Roberts
Animation: Terry Combahee
Website: Terry Combahee
Sound and Post-Production: Craig Miller Productions
Photography: ARMHC
Content: Matt Porter, Team
Project Management: Nakita Pope

Project Budget: $10,000
In-Kind Value: $150,000
Volunteer Time: 1,400 Hours