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Overview: Georgia Education Climate Coalition (GECC) is a group of eight nonprofit organizations working with the Georgia DOE for one purpose: to promote the adoption of a “framework of education climate improvement” known as Personal Behavior Intervention & Support (PBIS). Like  most education and government initiatives, PBIS is cursed by acronym,. Unlike most education and government initiatives, PBIS hworks. “We want to do more of what works—and PBIS works,” said state PBIS coordinator and trainer Ginny O’Connell at project’s 40-person focus group and brainstorming session in August 2015.

Purpose: Explain, encourage, and promote the concept of Education Climate improvement through effective adoption of PBIS at schools across Georgia, starting with Dougherty County Schools in South Georgia.

Results: Two years after the campaign was delivered in a box with a big bow atop, Dougherty County school officials in Albany continue debate putting this campaign to use in promoting PBIS in their struggling school system. Buttons elected officials ever put this campaign into action? For the sake of school children and youths across Georgia, one can only hope.

Client: Georgia Education Climate Coalition
Sponsor: Georgia Appleseed, Southern Education Foundation
Client Team: Rob Rhodes, Vanessa Meyer, Ginny O’Connell, Jennie Couture
Creative Direction: Kathi Roberts
Design: Tess Perez, Emma Weldon, Ingrid Sibley, Sarah Lawrence
Website: Rail Road Earth
Photography: Symone Walker, Neil Fried, Brian Merwin
Content: Matthew Porter, Peyton Bowen
Project Management: Nakita Pope
Sound and Post-Production: Primal Screen
Film and Editing
: Neil Fried
Music: Railroad Earth
Project Budget: $5,000
In-Kind Value: $150,000
Volunteer Time: 1,450 Hours