Overview: GreenLaw is the only nonprofit law firm in Georgia fighting Environmental Justice. This comprehensive integrated campaign by Good Thinking launched in 2014.

Purpose: to raise public awareness and concern for environmental hotspots state wide and generate wide financial support.

Deliverables:  Website, two films (video and stop-motion animation), information graphics, a library of original photography, revised brand standards, editorial content and eye-catching social media tools. More than 15 Good Thinking team members participated, contributing more than 1,250 hours of time and talent.

Film & Animation: The stop-motion animated film by Chris Sickels of Red Nose Studios employed a “David vs. Goliath” allegory to show personal courage in the face of environmental injustice and corporate greed. Georgia’s Legendary R.E.M. contributed anthem “Don’t Fall on Me” to support effort. The animated short won a rare Gold Medal from the Society of Illustrators. Primal Screen of Atlanta contributed post-production, sound design, and SFX.

Results: Revitalized brand identity system and comprehensive suite of graphics, images, and content set GreenLaw on road to greater financial health and message clarity. The new brand is clear, cohesive, and amplified.

Client: GreenLaw Environmental Justice
Client Team: Stephanie Benfield
Creative Direction: Jim Newbury
Animation: Chris Sickels, Red Nose Studio
Design: Angela Aquino, Sarah Lawrence, Lennie Mowris, Dan Skrok
Poster Illustration: Sarah Lawrence
Website: Lenspeace
Sound and Post-Production: Doug Grimmet, Primal Screen
Photography: Symone Walker, Artem Nazarov
Content: Matt Berger, Matt Porter, Angela Aquino
Project Management: Angela Aquino
Music: R.E.M. (thanks to Bertis Downs)
Project Budget: $5,000
In-Kind Value: $175,000
Volunteer Time: 1,700 Hours