Overview: The NEA Foundation advances student achievement by investing in public education to prepare America’s children to learn and thrive in a rapidly changing world. The Foundation believes educators must be equipped with knowledge and skills to teach in the global age. Its Global Learning Fellowship Program (GLF) provides experiences and skills educators integrate into classroom instruction to prepare students to thrive in in our interconnected world. Among those experiences, the Foundation organizes an annual trip to  diverse communities in developing communities where educators experience first-hand the challenges, wisdom and resourcefulness of economically disadvantaged  students and their teachers.

Purpose: Campaign to raise funds to pay for and transport books to a new library in village of Pumarca (Cusco, Peru), high in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. The books were both an expression of gratitude to their hosts and a practical gift that filled the shelves of the school library.

Deliverables:  Design and production of short film about the NEA Foundation GLF program and purpose of books in Pumarca. Film was created using existing film and photography of varied quality. Script, voice over and original music provided. Film was uploaded to Indiegogo crowdsourcing site.

Results: Original goal $1,500; campaign raised $8,500 in four weeks. Effort demonstrated crowdsource funding would support  initiatives that fell within NEA Foundation mission but outside its annual budget.

Client: NEA Foundation, Washington, DC
Client Team: Harriet Sanford, Meg Porta, Jennifer Johnson
Creative Direction: Kathi Roberts
Design: Kathi Roberts
Filmwork & Editing: Neil Fried
Photography: Brian Merwin, Global Leadership Fellows
Content: Matt Porter
Project Management: Matt Porter
Music: Rail Road Earth Atlanta
Sound & Post Production: Primal Screen
Project Budget: $7,500
In-Kind Value: $15,000
Volunteer Time: 150 Hours