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City of Refuge

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Overview: City of Refuge is a fearless and effective provider of temporary shelter, health care, nutrition, vocational training, social service navigation and pastors care to some of Atlanta’s most disadvantaged and at-risk individuals. The organization is more than 20 years old and is supported by significant contributions from the Coca-Cola Foundation and the Chick-fil-A Foundation.

Purpose: Update the organization brand identity and website to reflect its evolution from principally a soup kitchen and homeless shelter to one of Atlanta’s leading providers of temporary shelter for mothers and children, job training, health care, vocational support and restoration of personal dignity and hope. As a faith-based organization, its pastors mission needed to be included in its new branding but not at the forefront of its communications system.

Deliverables:  New brand identity system, new tagline (Where Good Works),  brand standards guide, new website, capabilities brochure, information graphics, a library of original photography, and social media tools. Good Thinking film maker James Gilmore wrote and directed an introductory film presented at the organizations brand launch and  gala in October 2012.

Results: Revitalized brand identity system and comprehensive suite of graphics, images, and content set GreenLaw on road to greater financial health and message clarity. The new brand is clear, cohesive, and amplified.

Client: City of Refuge
Client Team: Jon Bridges, Tony Johns, Bruce Deel
Creative Direction: Maxey Andress
Photography: Nick Burchell
Copy Writing: Jimmy Gilmore
Design: Teela Cunningham, Mark Andresen
Project Management: Nakita Pope
Website: Frank Rauss
Project Budget: $0
Fair Market Value: $150,000