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Good Thinking is a team of collaborative professionals representing every creative discipline; from fine arts to applied arts, from graphic design to environmental design, from print to web to film. We have talented people who help nonprofits achieve their goals on affordable budgets.


Brand reputation is shaped in part by all visual and written communication: marks, logotype, user experience, fonts, color palette, content, layout, film, photos, illustration, and information architecture. We offer these.


What are your assumptions? What are their perception? The gaps between who you are and how you are perceived can be bridged through design and writing. Research helps find those gap—and close them.

Integrated Campaigns

Use every appropriate and affordable media to tell your story. The key is unity and clarity. Our campaigns for All In! GECC, GCPS Mentors, and State Bar of Georgia connected across every media channel except broadcast.

Photography & Illustration

Original photography and illustration is critical to distinguishing your message and engaging your audience. We offer excellent photographers and illustrators who can tell YOUR story.

Film Production

“Video” does not do justice to our film production capabilities. Video is raw footage. Film is finished product. Motion media involves hundreds of hours of editing, music creation, on-screen graphics, voice-overs, sound editing, and post production polish.


The secret to Social Media “likability” is authenticity, originality, consistency, and persistence. Speak clearly, honestly, and frequently. From most complex to most basic, we help clients get “liked” on social media.



Do work that matters. Do work you are proud of. Those two statements define Good Thinking’s values. If you share those values, we should collaborate.


Good Thinking, Inc. (501c3) began with a pilot project in 2011. We incorporated in September of that year and received Federal 501c3 status in May 2012. Later that year, we developed and launched a rebranding program for Atlanta’s City of Refuge. At that time, our model was all volunteer, but we were in debt.

With our launch of a rebranded Southern Center for Human Rights (SCHR) in 2013, we began asking nonprofits we served to make contributions to our organization. Good Thinking had successfully delivered upon product and promises to SCHR, and a gift from their Board paid off our debt. In Spring 2014, we were asked to help Ronald McDonald House Charities complete it public campaign to raise $18M to build a second house in North Atlanta.

These projects were followed by integrated campaign efforts for GreenLaw Center of Environmental Justice and Georgia Appleseed Center for Law & Justice. The astonishing work for Georgia Appleseed, including a short documentary created by filmmaker Neil Fried, led to a comprehensive branding and promotion campaign for the Georgia Education Climate Coalition.

In 2016, Good Thinking spend a year helping Gwinnett County Public Schools promote its mentor program, aided by a donation from Atlanta author George Hirthler. Simultaneously, we developed and implemented a vast integrated campaign to promote the need for pro bono service among State Bar of Georgia member attorneys.

In 2017, Good Thinking is expanding its efforts to Portland and Seattle. We continue to rely on new volunteers and experienced alumni, and maintain no full time staff. And we have developed a new economic model that will allow us to be self-sustaining, without relying on donations or grants, while creating jobs for talented and passionate creative professionals at home.

Today, we offer our services at a 50 percent discount of fair market value. And we continue to serve many of the nonprofit organizations we have helped in the past.


We believe doing good is a moral imperative and ethical business practice. Every nonprofit needs creative services, but few can afford experienced design and branding work. We help nonprofits improve communication with their target audiences so that they may better do what they do best. Our mantra: “We aren’t selling. We are offering.”

By providing affordable strategies and tools, we help social service organizations double their ROI on brand communications. In this way, we serve our community and provide living wage jobs to creative professionals.

Good Thinking is now (proudly) self-sustaining. We do not seek outside contributions, but we welcome them in our efforts to do meaningful work. Our primary asset is people. Without good thinkers, Good Thinking is idle thought.


Our process is thorough and logical. We follow the basic scientific method: research that leads to discovery that leads to solutions that we test and improve based upon results.

Simple is never easy, but our process is thorough and logical:

1. Define the communications challenge
2. Research client background
3. Assert a hypothetical solution
4. Test hypothesis through inquiry
5. Adjust hypothesis to align with desired goal
6. Develop communications strategy
7. Explore creative solutions
8. Test explorations against desired outcomes
9. Refine and test as necessary
10. Plan and execute an effective launch

The success of our work depends entirely upon the quality of our collaboration. Every team member, including the client, is required to show up on time, deliver on their promises, and do their best. We have roles, but not hierarchies.

We welcome creative service team members of all backgrounds, ages, capacities, and disciplines. We rely on our clients to pitch in their expertise and knowledge. What we do not welcome is ego, whining, or disrespect. Every team member has an equal place at the table where their contribution is honored and appreciated.


We help qualified nonprofits organizations providing access to justice, education, and social services to disadvantaged citizens better do what they do best through improved communications tools and strategies.

We do work that makes a positive social impact and we do work we are proud of. We require prospective clients to provide proof of work over the past five years, a list of board members, and a statement of mission, values, and services.

Meet our team

There is no limit to the good we can bring our community if we are willing to lend our passion, talent, and skill to nonprofit organizations who provide tangible skills and resources to disadvantaged citizens. We seek doers, not divas and creative people who put community service ahead of personal or financial gain. People are our only asset. Without them, Good Thinking would be nothing but good intention.

Matt Porter - President, Good Thinking